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Restaurant Reporting and Analytics Software

Restaurant Reporting and Analysis

Our restaurant reporting featured within Recipe Costing Software is designed to offer a complete view of your business, from sales to costing. You can use our software to access your restaurants reporting and analytics from anywhere at any time to track costs, purchasing, inventory, sales and labor.

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Live Restaurant Reporting Solutions

Access Real-Time Data

Recipe Costing Software is the only off-the-shelf back-office suite with its own restaurant point of sale. Reports are available 24/7/365 online whenever you need them with real-time synchronization. Easy access to this data through real-time recipe costing analytics is crucial to running a successful restaurant.

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Restaurant Reporting and Analytics Software

Sales and Costing Analytics

Cost reporting software for restaurants helps you identify the profitability of your menu. Discover the most profitable menu items, remove high-cost items with little to no profitable gain, and find out which menu items sell the least and which customers often purchase.

Your restaurant can also gain important market insight through sales tracking software. Track vendor price changes with trends, compare vendor pricing and receive alerts when recipe and menu item costs change.

Restaurant Reporting and Analytics Software

Over 50 Reports Included

Our real-time restaurant reporting software includes everything you need to know about costs and sales from the Recipe Costing platform. Costing reports help price recipes and menu items accurately. Sales reports and product mixes include food and menu costs, giving you a clearer picture of profitability. You can use this data from your recipe cost reporting software to manage your cash flow, predict your profits, plan future goals and balance your finances.

Our restaurant reporting software allows you to export your reports in CSV, Excel or PDF formats. You can review restaurants individually or across multiple locations. This feature gives franchise owners insight into which locations are the most successful and how one or more restaurants are performing over a period.

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Restaurant Reporting and Analytics Software

Prime Cost Reporting Software

Prime cost reporting systems ensure your restaurant has the products and services needed for daily operations. The prime cost report is the most important number on your profit and loss because it helps you manage your revenue to achieve a high profit margin.

When using the Recipe Costing platform and our partner POS systems together, the prime cost report becomes a vital tool for the success of your restaurant. Our prime cost reporting system allows you to make adjustments quickly rather than waiting until the end of the month after payroll or purchasing.

Restaurant Reporting and Analytics Software

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Managing your back-office operations with real-time restaurant financial reporting is crucial to your success. You can understand how your business is performing and make adjustments as necessary. Ensure your restaurant is generating enough revenue to cover your expenses and that your profit margins are high enough to grow your business.

Recipe Costing Software offers robust and throrough restaurant reporting solutions for standalone eateries, franchises and more. Ready to see your real-time recipe costing data? Contact us for a free product demo.

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