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Recipe and Menu Costing Software

Recipe and Menu Costing Software

Easily Manage Your Recipes & Costs

Recipe Costing Software provides the only food costing software of its kind in the industry. This off-the-shelf back-office suite includes several point of sale (POS) integrations. Use the recipe cost section of our menu costing software to build recipes and sub-recipes, optimize recipe costs, and see the cost breakdown for all menu items. Knowing your recipe costs helps you make strategic decisions that can reduce your expenses and improve your bottom line.

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Recipe and Menu Costing Software

Create Recipes and Add Sub-Recipes Easily

The recipe cost section in our recipe costing software gives the total recipe costs, including items, materials, and labor to make the recipe. There is a total food cost in your currency and a food cost percentage.

Create Recipes and Add Sub-Recipes Easily - Recipe Costing Software

Do You Know Your Recipe Costs?

Easily scale recipes using our recipe converter. Our software will calculate the new costs after entering a percentage or serving size. Let us do the math for you so you know the cost of the recipe at any portion size.

Calculate Your Food Cost
Do You Know Your Recipe Costs - Recipe Costing Software

Identify Costly Food Items and Materials

Enter quantity and portion size needed in any recipe. Our food prep software will calculate the cost based on the weight selected. Recipe costing has both metric and imperial weights. This feature identifies the foods or other materials that cost the most in the recipe. You can use this information to determine the price of the dish or budget your purchasing.

Identify Costly Food Items and Materials - Recipe Costing Software

Add Labor in Recipe and Cost Out Menu Items

Our recipe costing program takes labor costs into consideration. Add theoretical labor to recipes to help calculate your menu costs more accurately. We separate food, materials, labor, and overhead costs for better analysis. You can zero in on the actual food costs of the recipes and menu items without the influence of labor and overhead expenses.

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Add Labor in Menu and Recipe Costs - Recipe Costing Software

Write up Preparations and Procedures

Don’t leave your cooks confused in the kitchen. Help your staff make each recipe perfectly every time by typing out directions in the preparations and procedures section of our food costing software. Our text editor allows you to bold, highlight, and italicize parts of the recipe and include hyperlinks to videos and pictures. This feature helps the important sections stand out so your cooks perform every step.

Write Up Preparations and Procedures - Recipe Costing Software

Identify Allergens With Every Recipe

Build recipes and enter food items into the restaurant costing software. Recipe Costing Software will identify and display the allergens as recipes and menu items are created. Knowing which allergens are in the recipe is important. Your cooks will know to follow safe practices to prevent cross-contamination. You can also use this data to specify the allergens for each recipe on your menu so customers with food allergies can choose meals safe for them to eat.

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Identify Allergens with Every Recipe - Recipe Costing Software

Scale Recipes by Percentage or Portions

Keep recipes and menu items consistent using our recipe converter to scale recipes by percentages or serving sizes. Cooks can scale recipes from the recipe page or the actual recipe report and use a mobile device or print out the newly scaled recipe. Our meal preparation software keeps the proportions of each ingredient correct so the recipe is accurate at all portion sizes.

Scale Recipes by Percentages or Portions - Recipe Costing Software

More Reasons to Choose Us

Our recipe costing software is the perfect application for more than just restaurants. It is also a great tool for:

Since we started our company, our philosophy has always been to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

More Reasons to Choose Us - Recipe Costing Meetings

More Recipe Costing Features

Add POS integrations to your recipe costing solution and take productivity to the next level. Have up-to-date inventory reduction when you sell menu items for clear inventory levels.

No software installation is required. Recipe costing is always available on any device that has Internet access. You can access your data from anywhere at any time using your PC or mobile device

Push new recipes and menu items to multiple units and update pricing across your network of stores.

Our meal prep costing program works on multiple browsers, and it runs on a responsive platform, allowing restaurant owners and managers to run operations from anywhere.

Run reports from anywhere at any time. Get real-time inventory usage, waste logs, and product mixes with food costs.

We spent years making our software user-friendly with important functionalities a restaurant owner or management would need to manage and optimize recipe costs, and train staff quickly.

“We loved using Recipe Costing Software because it did all the heavy lifting figuring out our margins” 

Rick Herbst