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Catering Management Software

Catering Management Software

Management software from Recipe Costing Software helps catering businesses manage their recipe costing, inventory, orders and more. Tracking this data will help you see your company’s success, so you can keep growing your business. Our solutions can help you increase your profits by reducing costs and improving inventory management.

Catering Management Software

Grow Your Catering Business With Catering Food Cost Software

For catering operations, high-quality foods and recipes and excellent customer service are critical for success. Delicious food and positive interactions create satisfied clients who become repeat customers.

Catering companies may find it challenging to balance these front-end tasks and the equally important back-end operations, like managing inventory and placing food orders. Owners and managers may not have the time or expertise to handle these back-end items.

Recipe Costing Software helps manage these back-end operations. You can focus on your customers and let the software handle the rest of the business. As a result, your catering company can become more profitable.

Catering Management Software

Build Recipes and See Menu Item Cost Breakdowns

Our recipe costing software for catering is the only food costing software of its kind in the industry. This solution helps catering business owners and managers make strategic decisions based on accurate data for food and recipe costs to reduce expenses. With our software, you can:

  • Create recipes and sub-recipes for your entire menu.
  • View total recipe costs, including materials, items and labor.
  • Scale recipes to see their cost by serving size or percentage.
Catering Management Software

Track Your Inventory in Real Time

Our inventory management software tracks ingredient stock counts, purchasing trends, food costs and vendor prices. Our tools help catering businesses manage their inventory to reduce expenses and wasted products and improve efficiency and profits. With inventory management, you can:

  • Calculate food costs during a specific period.
  • View current product price, physical count and value.
  • Get alerts when inventory reaches its minimum par level.
  • Track inventory by day or shift to control its food cost impact.
Catering Management Software

Simplify and Automate Order Purchasing

Our order purchasing software makes purchasing food easier so your catering company has the necessary ingredients on hand. Your operations can maintain the ideal inventory levels and enhance supplier relationships while avoiding under- or over-purchasing food items. With our purchasing solution, you can:

  • Place orders based on historical trends and par levels.
  • See suggested purchases based on machine learning.
  • Get real-time inventory alerts to purchase ingredients at the right time.
  • Review previous transactions for bookkeeping purposes.
Catering Management Software

Prepare a Shopping List Based on Recipes and Orders

Our restaurant shopping list software automatically generates shopping lists based on your previous orders, scaled recipes and menu items. These lists help you purchase the items you need, maintain inventory levels and save labor. Your catering business can have the exact amount needed on hand to support your demand without having wasted food. With our shopping list software, you can:

  • Buy the minimum amount of ingredients needed to reach your par levels.
  • Scale recipes and menu items to purchase the right amount of each ingredient.
  • Generate shopping lists based on serving size or percentage changes.
Catering Management Software

Receive Rebates From Your Common Orders

Recipe Costing Software helps catering businesses save money through our rebate program. Inventory order rebates allow you to get rebates when ordering the ingredients your business needs. We have partnerships with hundreds of manufacturers, including your usual vendors. Over 100,000 items qualify for rebates, with new rebate opportunities available every day.

We will help you gain the most savings by reviewing your invoices, finding due rebates and ensuring you’re paid. Cashback opportunities are unlimited on food and purchases across your locations.

Catering Management Software

Benefits of Our Costing Software for Catering

Catering management software from Recipe Costing Software can benefit your business by:

  • Reducing business costs: Software helps managers track expenses, make accurate calculations and use data to make strategic business decisions. These features save your catering operation money.
  • Saving time: Managing orders, inventory, expenses and other back-office tasks without software is time-consuming. Recipe Costing Software digitizes and automates many of these processes, simplifying your business operations.
  • Enhancing customer relationships: Our catering software helps you create positive experiences for your customers. Accurate price details, food allergy information, specific preparation instructions and more allow you to better meet your customers’ needs.
Catering Management Software

Catering Management Software


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Catering companies needing a solution for inventory management, pricing, ordering and more can trust Recipe Costing Software. Over 5,900 businesses — including catering operations — use our software to streamline their back-end tasks.

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