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Management Software for Bars and Clubs

Management Software for Bars and Clubs

Management software for clubs and bars from Recipe Costing Software helps bar and club owners successfully manage their operations. With costing software, inventory management and other capabilities, our solutions help you streamline your operations and increase your profits.

Management Software for Bars and Clubs

Bar Management Software Takes Care of Back-End Operations

Bars and nightclubs use front-end tasks to build relationships with their customers. Serving orders, explaining drink options and running the register are customer-facing jobs critical for providing a positive customer experience and encouraging return visits.

With this focus on the front end, bar and nightclub owners may not have the time or expertise to manage the back-end tasks, like monitoring inventory levels and evaluating sales and profits. Bar management software like Recipe Costing Software takes care of these critical operations so you can focus on your customers.

Management Software for Bars and Clubs

Create Recipes and Manage Recipe Costs

Our costing software for bars is an off-the-shelf solution that enables strategic decision-making based on real-time cost data to reduce expenses and increase profits. With the recipe costing software, bar and club owners can:

  • Create recipes and sub-recipes to evaluate total recipe costs.
  • Scale recipes to determine costs per serving size.
  • Calculate recipe costs by ingredient to identify expensive ingredients and set menu prices.
  • Add theoretical labor and overhead costs into recipe pricing.
  • Write preparations and procedures to ensure bartenders make consistent drinks.
  • Create units of measure with different bottle size measurements
Create Recipes and Add Sub-Recipes Easily - Recipe Costing Software

Track Your Ingredients and Stock Counts in Real Time

The inventory management software for bars helps with stock counting and costs to identify trends, generate reports and view vendor pricing. With this service, bars and clubs can:

  • Track food usage and waste to verify inventory counts.
  • Evaluate costs and inventory across franchise locations.
  • Get automatically generated reports for item pricing updates and stock counts to reduce labor.
  • Manage inventory end to end to measure its impact on costs and profits.
  • Integrate inventory and prep lists to ensure ingredients are available when needed.
Management Software for Bars and Clubs

Order Electronically to Streamline Food Purchasing

The restaurant ingredient ordering software streamlines food purchasing to get inventory just in time and prevent overbuying. Electronic ordering relies on historical usage and par levels to prepare purchase orders. With our purchasing software, you can:

  • Get real-time inventory alerts for returns, price changes, inventory discrepancies, and shorts.
  • View suggested orders created from machine learning based on your purchase history.
  • Order the inventory you need when you need it to maintain ideal stock levels.
  • View previous vendor transactions for inventory and budget management.
  • Set inventory controls for each franchise location to prevent overbuying.
Management Software for Bars and Clubs

Generate Sales and Costing Analytics Automatically

Restaurant sales tracking software from Recipe Costing Software is the only off-the-shelf solution with its own restaurant point of sale. It gives an overhead view of your bar’s purchasing, labor, sales, inventory and costs through reporting and analytics. With our sales tracking software, you can:

  • View more than 50 types of reports informed by real-time data.
  • See reports for individual franchises or several locations at once for comparison.
  • Identify how profitable your menu is and which items customers order most.
  • Track price changes for each vendor and receive alerts when prices change.
  • View reports 24/7/365 online and export in PDF, Excel or CSV formats.
Management Software for Bars and Clubs

Get Rebates From Our Purchasing Partners

With our rebates for inventory orders, you can order products from your usual vendors and save money. Recipe Costing Software has partnerships with hundreds of manufacturers, so new rebate opportunities are available every day. We have over 100,000 items that qualify for rebates.

Our rebate program helps your bar or club get the payout you deserve. We will review your invoices to find rebates you’re due to receive and ensure you get paid. Cash back is unlimited on all food and purchases for all your locations.

Management Software for Bars and Clubs

Why Choose Recipe Costing Software?

When you choose Recipe Costing Software for our all-in-one costing and inventory management software, you have more time to focus on your customers instead of your day-to-day business tasks. Bar and club owners can focus on what they do best — customer service — and let our dedicated team help with setup and ongoing items.

Management Software for Bars and Clubs

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Recipe Costing Software has software solutions that bars and clubs need to manage inventory, reporting, pricing, ordering and other tasks. More than 5,900 restaurant facilities across 137 countries trust our software for their operations.

Improve the back-end management of your bar or club while increasing profits. Request a demo today to see how our software can benefit your business. 

Management Software for Bars and Clubs