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Add to your bottom-line income by dramatically managing and reducing your costs with our easy-to-use, automated, cloud-based product costing software — your turnkey solution to gaining control of your costs. At Recipe Costing Software, we built our recipe breakdown software to grow and scale with your needs. You can start with recipe and menu costing and work your way up to inventory, purchasing, receiving, meal planning — the list goes on. See our pricing page for more information about each tier of our commercial recipe software.

Recipe and Menu Costing

 Start with food costing, build recipes and sub-recipes, and do a complete cost breakdown on all menu items. The recipe section gives the total recipe costs for the items, materials, and labor to make the recipe. Operators get food costs for the overall menu item created and see the costs of each item, recipe, and sub-recipe that contribute to the final plate costs

Menu Costing Detail

Restaurant and Franchises

View enterprise-wide operations from a single login. Easily copy down sub-recipes, recipes, and menu items to multiple units. Eliminate multiple spreadsheets, improve accurate reporting, organize your franchisee network, and increase speed and agility while growing your operations, all under one platform. Our restaurant management software scales while keeping your data organized. 

Online Ordering

You can have Dine-in and Take-out services and expand your current customer base. Menu items  and recipes for recipe costing flow from your online orders to create shopping lists and prep production lists. This ensures you always have what you need so you do not run out when doing a production run or prep for a catering.

Menu Costing Detail
meal prep software

Meal Prep

Our all-in-one product management software solution has a built-in e-commerce platform, allowing for scaling in meal prep companies. You can easily manage menu costing and control inventory with automated shopping lists based on sales orders, a powerful dashboard, customer relationship management (CRM) to manage customers, subscriptions, online ordering, and a driver tracking app to ensure customer satisfaction.

Get Paid

We partnered up with our purchasing partner to find rebates that belong to you. You don’t have to leave any of your favorite vendors! Our partner has more than 450 manufacturers and over 120,000 products, with new rebate opportunities added daily. We scan through all invoices to identify all rebate-eligible items. Rebates are then processed for the maximum revenue available. New rebate opportunities are also identified for extra savings.

Menu Costing Detail

Get Paid
for Using Recipe Costing

Our purchasing partners will get rebate money to you every quarter by analyzing your purchasing and invoicing within our Recipe Costing Software.

recipe cook book and costing

Recipe Costing Software

Our costing software programs for food consider the costs of your recipes, sub-recipes, menu items, labor, and materials to calculate an accurate price.

menu costing

Menu Costing

Sync menu items with our POS and review food costs to ensure profitable menu pricing.

recipe converter

Recipe Converter

Not sure how much or how little to make? No problem — just scale recipes and menu items.


You can adjust the inventory by item or group. Review your inventory based on the purchase or portioned values.

Nutritional Labels

Create nutritional labels manually or use the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) database to match food items.


Food Allergens

Apply allergens to food items to automatically populate when creating recipes and menu items.

restaurant purchasing

Purchase Orders

Create restaurant purchase orders on the fly, and email them to your sales representative.

Shopping List

Create a shopping list from recipes and menu items. Our all-in-one product management software calculates food items needed based on inventory availability.

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Get rid of spreadsheets and multiple software applications that are hard to learn and difficult to integrate. Recipe Costing Software is our all-in-one restaurant management software.


Leadership Team

Recipe Costing Software is a recipe costing software company developed to help restaurant owners, management, and food industry professionals easily manage their costs to increase profitability. Robert, Chris, and John, who have been best of friends for the last 15 years, decided to build a POS platform that was easy to use and could manage multiple units. With over 60 years of restaurant experience, they built the platform to automate day-to-day operations and provide exceptional support at a cost affordable for everyone.

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