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Do you know the costs of this salad?

use our menu costing software today!

Start using recipe costing software today! Operators who monitor costs can save 2% to 5%
or more
on their bottom line.

Recipe Costing

menu-booksHow well do you know your menu item costs? With knowing your menu costs are EASY!

Restaurant Inventory

food-inventoryKeeping track of your inventory and grouping items makes it easy to calculate your restaurant inventory.

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Food Costs & Yields

shopping-listRecording yields on the food order guide and knowing your portions is another great way to save money.

Will recipe costing benefit my company?

Free Support and Training

Our software is rich in features and easy to use. We believe in helping restaurant owners get the most out of their business. We developed in 2012 and made sure it was a low entry software that anyone could afford. We coupled that with free online technical support and training to make sure our users got the most out of our recipe costing software. If you are not sure of your menu or recipe costs, we encourage you to use our software, so you can feel empowered and know that your menu items are profitable and working for you.

Restaurant Reports

restaurant reportsReporting is made easy and always available on the cloud. All reports can be exported to excel, word or pdf.

Shopping List

restaurant-purchase-orderCreate shopping list based on recipe or menu items and scale it using our wizard.

Receive Inventory

receive-restaurant-inventorySeamlessly receive inventory from purchase orders keeping a true life cycle of inventory in and out.

Inventory Management

Restaurant inventory managementAdjust and manage your inventory by item or group. Review your inventory based on purchase by or portioned amounts.

Purchase Orders

restaurant shopping listCreate restaurant purchase orders on the fly and email them to your sales representative.

Scale Recipes and Menu Items

scale recipe menu itemsNot sure how much or how little to make? No problem, just scale it up or down in with recipe costing software.

Staff Permissions

user permissionsEach additional user is only $5 a month and allows restaurant owners to give full or limited access.

Restaurant Vendors

restaurant vendorsTrack vendors, contact information, credit lines and minimum orders.

Food Order Guide

restaurant food order guideThe centralized food order guide allows items to be attached to vendors and compares vendor pricing based on the item.

Dashboard Recipe Costing

dashboard.fwBefore opening your restaurant doors, use the dashboard to easily determine which areas of your restaurant need attention.

Menu Costing

menu itemsOnce all sub-recipes and recipes are set it’s time to build your menu items to determine food costs.

Recipe Costing

Cost out your recipes, sub-recipmenu itemes, include labor, and materials to calculate an accurate price for your menu item using our recipe costing software.