You need recipe costing just like you need pots and pans!

Operators who monitor costs can save 2% to 5% or more on their bottom line. You’re going to love our software!

Rick Herbst, Co-Owner/COO - Nonna's Family Kitchen
3 Time Emmy Winning Actor

Rick’s video testimonial is not only for it is about the time and effort it takes to build a successful online catering business. If you’re a start up or a veteran in the industry you’ll love his honest approach and I recommend you watch it.

  • Recipe Costing

    Cost out your recipes, sub-recipes, menu items, include labor, and materials to calculate an accurate price.

  • Menu Costing

    Sync menu items with our POS partners and compare menu price with costs to determine food costs.

  • Food Order Guide

    The centralized food order guide allows items to be attached to vendors and compares vendor pricing based on the item.

  • Restaurant Dashboard

    Before opening your restaurant doors, use the dashboard to easily determine which areas of your restaurant need attention.

  • Scale Menu & Recipes

    Not sure how much or how little to make? No problem, just scale recipes and menu items up or down.

  • Shopping List

    Create shopping list based on available inventory using our wizard to purchase the right amount of food.

  • Inventory Management

    Adjust and manage your restaurant inventory by item or group. Review your inventory based on purchase by or portioned amounts.

  • Purchase Orders

    Create restaurant purchase orders on the fly and email them to your sales representative.

  • Receive Inventory

    Seamlessly receive inventory from restaurant purchase orders keeping a true life cycle of inventory in and out.

Recipe Screen

Keep all your recipes consistent insuring you’re always using the right quality and quantity of ingredients every time. Your cooks can view this screen from a desktop or mobile device resulting in accuracy and a consistent product every time it’s prepared.


Menu Item

Cost out each menu item to understand the plate cost and begin developing a mix of items to see which ones are profitable and which ones need to be dropped from your menu. Recipe Costing Software allows you to categorize menu items and setup price points.



Apply allergens to food items. As recipes, sub recipes, and menu items are created tagged food items with allergens will be displayed.



Scale any recipe, sub recipe and or menu items to increase portion size by percentage or serving size by entering new values.


Integrated Software Partners

We’re continually looking for partners that add value to our customers all over the world. Our point of sales partners are located here in the US and Overseas. Don’t see your point of sale? Email or call us and let us know who you would like to see on this list.


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