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Nutritional Labeling Software

Accurate nutrition labels for your food products are critical for staying compliant, gaining customers’ trust and avoiding product recalls. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires restaurants and similar businesses to report accurate nutrition facts for each product. Your business must meet many regulations to comply with the FDA. All your food products must have their own nutrition label, as changing even one ingredient can alter several nutrition counts. Our FDA approved nutrition label software can help!

Create Nutritional Labels

Recipe costing is integrated with the USDA and food manufacturers to provide you with accurate nutritional labels as you create your dishes and recipes.

We get the latest nutritional information from food manufacturers and you can even bring in your nutritional information from small unique organic food producers and farms to use for your labels. 

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Nutritional Labeling Software

Recipe and Menu Analysis

The FDA is requiring food service chains to report nutritional data of recipes and menu items. Our restaurant nutritional label creator allows restaurant owners to create recipes with nutritional data that flow into menu times with its own set of nutritional labels. This feature makes nutrition facts readily available for your customers.

Use Recipe Costing’s intuitive cloud software to create nutritional labels recipes, menu items, cost, and scale all from a single login. Update menu items once in-house, online and integrate your restaurant point of sale system to ensure accurate nutrition labels for your products are displayed everywhere at once.

Nutritional Labeling Software


Nutritional Labeling Software

Tell Your Customers About It

Today allergens and nutritional information are very important for the health and safety of your customers. Recipe costing allows you to communicate that to your customers. 

We provide a downloadable QR code for your printed menus and a hyperlink to embed in your  website’s menu with the real-time updated nutritional information of your dishes and recipes as well as printing for sticker labels.

Inform Your Customers

Create Nutrition Labels Easily

Our systems to help with nutrition labels accelerate compliance and elevate quality across multiple restaurant units. Use Recipe Costing’s online, up-to-date nutritional labeling software to create instant nutrition facts that can be published on your website. Our food label creator is designed specifically for restaurants, bars, meal preparation organizations, caterers, and more.

We follow the FDA requirements and nutrition facts label formats, so our FDA approved nutrition label software can help your business achieve compliance. Our systems to report on nutritional data are cost-effective for helping to calculate costs and nutrition.

Nutritional Labeling Software

Nutritional Facts Online

Our nutrition label creator allows you to easily customize ingredients within recipes and menu items. Use the USDA database to match ingredients or enter your own nutritional details. Update nutritional facts quickly online to give customers current calorie counts. Download PDFs or images to use on packaging or make them available on your website. Our easy-to-use nutrition label maker reports accurate facts about your food products so customers can make informed choices about their food and beverages.

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Nutritional Labeling Software