About Recipe Costing Software

Robert Vasquez

My name is Robert and I’ve worked in the restaurant business over 10 years while attending college. After graduating from NOVA Southeastern University, I worked as an accountant and software developer for the next 10 years.I got back into the restaurant business opening up restaurants in the South Florida area, and quickly realized that not much had changed in the way of operations when managing a restaurant with today’s online technology. I thought to myself, what a great opportunity to use my work experience as a restaurant owner, financial systems analyst, director of information technology, and financial controller to begin developing the scope for an online web application called, Recipe-Costing.

Developing Software

We developed this version of Recipe-Costing software for running and managing restaurant inventory while tracking recipe and menu costs. I spent over a decade in the restaurant business and I understand the challenges faced by operators. While developing our software I worked with small restaurant owners and franchiser operators who tested our software over a year prior to our launch in 2012. Two years later, we have over 10,000 subscribers using our recipe costing tool from all over the world.

Increase your bottom line

If you own a restaurant or are planning to open one, it’s important to cost out your recipes and menu items. This will give you a better understanding of what you should charge. It’s not just the food costs, its labor, rent, and many other expenses affecting your food cost. Knowing your costs can save you 2% – 5% or more on your bottom line. created a very intuitive and easy to use cloud software to manage recipes, sub recipes, menu items, inventory and purchase orders right from the web. We offer a low monthly subscription at $35.