About Recipe Costing Software

Robert Vasquez

Recipe-Costing.com software is a product of Kitchen Porter Tech LLC. Robert Vasquez worked in the restaurant business for over a decade while attending college. After graduating from NOVA Southeastern University, he worked as a financial controller and software developer before owning and operating his own restaurants. His education and work experience have given him a unique insight to building automated systems that work! The Recipe-Costing software platform provides restaurant operators automated back office tasks, counts, costs, and analytical reports. Join over 3,500 restaurant operators across 100 countries.

My View On Customer Service

If you are using my software, it’s more than likely we’ve met on chat, over the phone or on a virtual meeting. I believe it’s important especially today when it’s easy to build a website without any contact information to avoid meeting customers. This never made sense to me. We have created a mind set, if the owner of the company engages customers it’s not a real company. To provide the best service I believe the owner must be involved to build a culture of excellent customer service and pass it on to all employees.

Engaging Customers

Engaging with customers is how we grow as a company, provide better services and software. It’s annoying not to be able to reach someone to answer questions or give guidance. Most company are afraid to engage customers because it’s going to take time and they may not want to hear the truth. I’ve taken a different approach, I believe if you have a strong product there is no reason to be afraid. This is my second software company the first one I helped build 15 years ago www.factorfox.com. It was during this time, I realized that developing working relationships with my customers meant I could build a better software. I heard what they needed and did my best to resolve those needs through software. In the end, I also made some really good friends and we’re still friends today. Every time someone says to me, “Are you the only one working in this company”, I chuckle. I could not do what I do today alone, I have a team of people working directly for me and many more indirectly. My passion is developing software solutions, getting to know my customers and hopefully some of them by name.

More About Recipe Costing Software

Developing Software

We developed this version of Recipe-Costing software for running and managing restaurant inventory while tracking recipe and menu costs. I spent over a decade in the restaurant business and I understand the challenges faced by operators. During the development of our software, I worked with small restaurant owners and franchiser operators testing our software over a year prior to our launch in 2012.

Increase your bottom line

If you own a restaurant or are planning to open one, it’s important to cost out your recipes and menu items. This will give you a better understanding of what to charge. It’s not just the food costs, its labor, rent, and many other expenses affecting your food cost. Knowing your costs can save you 2% – 5% or more on your bottom line. Recipe-Costing.com created a very intuitive and easy to use cloud software to manage recipes, sub-recipes, menu items, inventory and purchase orders right from the web. We offer a low monthly subscription at $99.