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Restaurant Purchase Order Software

Our restaurant purchase order software uses intelligent purchasing so you always have what you need. Stop throwing money away when you over order food items. Using suggested orders and easy electronic purchase order software, you can ensure you have optimal quantities and great supplier relationships. Streamline food purchasing for restaurants and save on labor with our software solution.

We also have a manufacture rebate program that will save you 5 to 10% on foods you already purchase. This money is available from many suppliers and is sent directly to you, ask about this free program. 

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Take Advantage of Automatic Ordering

Take advantage of electronic purchasing with our restaurant restaurant purchasing and order management software. Streamline food purchasing, use just-in-time inventory and prevent overbuying items — reducing cash flow — or underbuying items — disappointing customers.

Electronic ordering is done based on par levels and historical usage. The more you use our restaurant purchasing software, the easier it is to prepare a suggested purchase order using machine learning. You can review your previous vendor transactions to see how much you’ve ordered from them for inventory and budget purposes. For multi-unit operators, set controls for each location and assign rights to those that can place orders to prevent overbuying.

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Restaurant Purchase Order Software

Ordering Alerts

You can set up your software for restaurant purchasing to get real-time inventory order alerts on price changes, shorts, returns, and invoice discrepancies. Track food usage in real-time and reduce inventory errors using our POS integrations. Knowing which products you have on hand allows you to purchase what you need only when you need it, reducing waste and saving money.

Our purchase ordering software for restaurants helps you save time and make strategic decisions when placing orders. Order alerts help you get control of your inventory and save hundreds of hours of bookkeeping monthly. Sign up for alerts by text and or email, allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive to costly errors.

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Restaurant Purchase Order Software

Rebate Savings

Restaurants can maximize their profit margins with manufacturer rebates. Manufacturers that work with group purchasing organizations (GPOs) encourage restaurants to purchase from them by offering a rebate. Yet every year, millions of rebate dollars go unclaimed. Earn cash back through rebates with our electronic purchase order software.

Let us help you find your unclaimed rebates so you can get the perks that are due to you. No need to change any of your vendors — give us your invoices, and we will check each item for outstanding rebates. It’s easy to get started — just sign up, and in a matter of minutes, you will be eligible to receive rebates on your purchases.


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Restaurant Purchase Order Software

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The inventory ordering software for restaurants by Recipe Costing helps restaurants simplify ordering, save money and earn cash back through rebates. That means you can shift your focus from back-office tasks and prioritize growing your business. Get in touch with Recipe Costing Software to schedule a free demo today.

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Restaurant Purchase Order Software