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Restaurant Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

The franchise management software from Recipe Costing Software helps franchise managers and multi-unit operators see the success of their businesses. Using cost management software for restaurant franchises, you can track food costs, sales and profitability. Real numbers are auditable, and franchise solutions from Recipe Costing help you get them. See how you can streamline restaurant franchise communication with our software today.

Restaurant Franchise Management Software

Franchise Software

Our franchise food management software features the tools you need to manage all your franchise locations. You can copy sub-recipes, recipes and menu items for consistency across multiple locations. Whenever you update a recipe in one place, it will change everywhere.

With our platform, you can manage your timekeeping, inventory, accounting and other records with no need for spreadsheets. Our tools will help you create accurate reports, organize your franchisee network and improve your efficiency, all while growing your business.

Our online food ordering software for franchises scales with your business. We developed our point-of-sale software from our back-office suite, so all operations remain in the same ecosystem for data organization. With our all-in-one platform, you’ll have everything you need to operate your franchise from a single sign-on.

Restaurant Franchise Management Software

Multi-Unit Management

Our software for franchise management allows multi-unit operators and franchisors to view enterprise-wide operations from a single login. You can calculate food costs, build recipes and sub-recipes, control inventory, integrate with several point-of-sale softwares, and break down your menu items in the recipe section of our platform. Get the total recipe costs for your dishes, including the items, materials and labor needed to make each recipe.

You can see your per-plate costs and other expenses for all the locations in your franchise. Updates to your prices occur across the board to keep your operations consistent. You can also see inventory and purchasing data, which you can use to decrease product waste in your franchises.

Our platform has permission-based roles and security for multi-unit management. These controls limit certain areas of the platform to key people.

Restaurant Franchise Management Software

Purchasing Power

Our recipe costing for franchises cures the pain points of business-to-business (B2B) deliveries. Our turnkey solution automates various purchasing tasks to make tracking easier. The franchise food management software can automatically create orders, production sheets, scheduled production and prep lists. Stay on par with your orders by using the built-in metric and imperial conversions to scale your recipes and menu items.

Restaurant Franchise Management Software

Automate Royalty Reports

Our software to improve franchise profits is also a built-in e-commerce platform that helps you automate your royalty reports. See your royalty income, calculate royalty payments and track your franchise royalties easily.

The powerful dashboard features tools for managing menu costs, controlling inventory and automating shopping lists. Our customer relationship management (CRM) tools ensure your customers’ satisfaction through driver tracking, online ordering and subscriptions. You’ll be able to see which locations are doing well and which need your attention.

Restaurant Franchise Management Software

Restaurant Franchise Management SoftwareFranchisor Rebate Program

Recipe Costing Software has partnered with Buyer’s Edge to help you get rebates for restaurant inventory orders. You can continue purchasing from your usual vendors while saving money. Buyer’s Edge has partnerships with over 450 manufacturers and 120,000 products, resulting in new rebate opportunities every day. Buyer’s Edge will review your invoices to look for rebate-eligible items. When they find them, they’ll process your rebates to give you the maximum return.