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How Recipe Costing & Clover Work Together

Recipe Costing Software and Clover use sales and inventory to help restaurant owners manage their establishment’s food usage. The platforms integrate seamlessly and guarantee real-time data that can help owners make better business decisions. With our automated software, your company can find discrepancies between what was sold and the inventory used, determine the most profitable recipe and menu items and compare theoretical costs to actual costs.

If your company currently uses Clover’s POS system or is looking to switch to a new POS system, working with Recipe Costing Software allows both applications to enhance your day-to-day operations while seamlessly fitting into your business model.

About Recipe Costing Software

With our easy, accessible, automated and cloud-based platform, your company can increase revenue through reliable management and reduced costs. Recipe Costing Software is your turnkey solution for gaining control of your costs. Built to grow and scale with your needs, our software helps you with recipe costing, inventory management, purchasing decisions, meal planning and more.

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About Clover POS

Clover POS Integration

Clover is a cloud-based POS platform with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. The company has processed over 100 billion dollars of annualized card transactions worldwide, making it the largest U.S. cloud. With a Clover inventory system, companies can better use technology to optimize in-person sales through payments and credit card transactions. 

Clover Flex

Clover Flex is a fast POS system device built for mobile payments. Whether you want to accept payments on the go, at the table or over the counter, Clover Flex allows customers to pay however they want through swiping, dipping or tapping. Clover Flex also allows NFC payments like Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and more. 

Clover Flex

Clover Flex allows for 100% mobility while offering a full-service terminal for business operations, payment management and LTE connectivity. You can take the device anywhere throughout the day, whether your company uses food trucks or outdoor tables. Flex fits the needs of various business models and structures, designed to take orders and let customers pay through the device and software. Managers working from home can pocket Flex and work on orders and operations whenever and wherever they want.

The device has a built-in barcode scanner for managing your inventory, data reports and payroll information that you can access through a secure cloud network. The Clover Flex and an integrated Recipe Costing Software are one of the best ways to ring up sales and run your business with ease. 

Clover Mini

The Clover Mini POS system is a powerful tool that allows customers to swipe, insert a chip or perform contactless payments from a single device. The system also integrates well with our Recipe Costing Software, a tool designed to calculate taxes, keep track of inventory and perform accounting services. Clover Mini is a reliable device and POS that can integrate with various applications through the Clover market and provides access to the Clover Web Dashboard, where you can find your sales history, monitor current inventory and manage working employees.

For companies that need a compact device, the Clover Mini is a great option that creates less cluttered and more productive working spaces. Your counters will not be as crowded by giving customers various payment options. You can focus on taking mobile orders, offering customer rewards and exploring customer data to better market your business.

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Clover Station Solo

Through Clover Station Solo, the all-in-one POS device allows your company to accept payments and manage your business, employees and inventory. From dine-in services to take-out orders and delivery, the Clover Station Solo takes card swipes and chip inserts while allowing orders over the phone through Virtual Terminal information. Print receipts, track sales or run Clover’s various software applications to best manage restaurant orders and improve customer interactions from the Clover Dashboard.

Many choose to incorporate the Clover Station Solo with the Clover Station Duo or Clover Flex devices. While the Clover Flex offers mobile opportunities, the Station Duo is an excellent second screen for the front of restaurants. Allow customers to insert, swipe or tap cards from various places in the building to further optimize space within your restaurant. 

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With Recipe Costing Software, your business can find the expert help it needs to increase revenue, save on ingredients and food products and optimize menu items. Our software easily integrates with the most popular POS systems. Contact us today to schedule a meeting, or call us at 1-407-543-6876.

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