Custom Units and Measurements

Using custom measurements and units in recipes and menu items

Custom Units

Inventory management just got easier. We have created custom units to allow users to define how they use and manage items purchased from vendor/purveyors. Custom units will allow users to define #10 cans, cases, and packages. Custom units will not only identify items that can not usually be measured, but they will improve inventory stock take tremendously. You will be able to do inventory in a quarter or half case or by packages. The different ways to measure inventory will grow exponentially in this next update.

Defining Custom Units

In the screen below, we give our custom unit a name like #10 Can Crushed Tomatoes. Next, we select a unit type to use for measurements. Finally, we enter the value of the #10 Can Crushed Tomatoes to use in our recipes, menu items, and inventory counts.

Food Order Guide

In the food order guide, define the portion amount, in our case we’re using ounces and under the inventory count by select #10 Can Crushed Tomatoes. This means that when we do inventory instead of seeing ounces in our inventory count, we will see actual cans. This is important because now I can do the stocktake by the can as opposed to the weight like ounces or grams.

Entering Purveyor/Vendor Items

Custom units will display on the purveyor vendor item page with the portion unit amount, but now you can define the case or package. In our example below, I entered 1 for the total package and 6 for the number of cans in a package. The software will total the ounces of all 6 cans and display the portioned cost.

Purchase Orders

The purchase orders can use custom units. I can order it by the case or half case. I have defined six cans in a case, entering ten quantity means I will get 60 cans when I receive my inventory.

Custom Units for Recipes and Menu Items

Recipes and Menu Items can efficiently use custom units as shown below.

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