We build restaurant management software that works great with Squareup POS

Squareup Integration with Recipe Costing Software

Squareup POS

Recipe Costing Software is fully integrated with Squareup POS allowing our users to sync:

  • Orders
  • Modifiers
  • Menu Items
  • Locations
  • Categories
  • Employees
  • Time Sheets


Square Point of Sale Overview Video

Graphical Sales and Cost Dashboard

Graphical Sales and Cost Dashboard

Recipe Costing pulls sales data from Squareup POS and combines it with menu costs using a graphical layout. The Cost of Goods Sold data grid displays sales price, menu cost, food cost and margins.

  • Sales Count
  • Total Sales
  • Average Sale
  • Top Selling Item

Daily Sales

The daily sales page list all of your sales on one page. Enter a date range or a single date to get all sales from Squareup POS. Get details for a single or multiple location (profit centers) and a theoretical profitability report when entering your fixed expenses.

  • Sales┬áby Location
  • Total Sales
  • Fixed Expenses Including Labor
  • Theoretical Net Profit


Starting and Ending Your Day with Square Register

Inventory and Inventory Values


Tie your inventory to Square POS! As menu items are sold and sync to Recipe Costing software inventory is adjusted based on sales. View inventory usage sales reports that show the inventory reduced as a result of sales. Use the finished goods module to replace inventory to a finshed good. Include that finished goods as an inventory item like cupcakes and watch your cupcakes sell out of inventory based on sales.

  • Inventory Items
  • On Hand Quantity
  • Inventory Value Based on Average Cost
  • Change in Value and Percentages