Using purchase orders

Entering purchase orders

Send purchase orders to vendor/purveyors within Recipe Costing Software. Purchase orders can be entered by item to compare vendor pricing or by a single vendor. As purchase orders are created, then submitted an optional email is sent to fulfill the order. A .pdf PO will be sent and will contain item name, quantity, purchase details, unit cost and total cost. When entering a purchase order Recipe Costing Software will populate the a suggested quantity based on par level, item details and allow the restaurant operator to change pricing.


Why Restaurant Purchase Orders Are Important

Keep Costs Down

Purchase orders force restaurant operators to plan ahead and keep cost down by ordering too much. It will also help with ordering too little and running out of food. A good practice is to start a purchase order in Recipe Costing Software and build on it throughout the week. As items begin to decrease, start adding them to the purchase order. The day before placing the order review and submit. This practice will insure you don’t forget to order items and you’re only ordering based on what is needed keeping costs in check.

Avoid Surprises

Sending a purchase order to your vendor/purveyor insures that any prices changes must be addressed with the restaurant operator before fulfillment. If the price of cheese goes up and it is not the same price as listed on the purchase order by most laws the vendor/purveyor must call to give the new price. Keeping all parties on the same page.

Simplify Receiving

Placing a purchase orders let’s everyone know what to expect in the deliver before it arrives. This make for better planning and organization. You will have to make room for the new inventory which means starting proper thawing procedures and moving inventory from the freezer, to the walk-in to the line.

Prevent Theft

Using purchase orders in the restaurant is a great way to prevent theft. The invoice received must match the purchase order amounts and any dependencies must be account for prior to making payments to the vendor/purveyor. Recipe Costing Software alerts the restaurant owner of any changes small or large when the PO amount does not match the invoice amount.

Get Exactly What Was Ordered

Less chance of the vendor/purveyor from sending the wrong items. The purchase orders must have the unique item number and description.

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