Purchase Order Process In Recipe Costing Software

Par Levels, Purchase Order and Shopping List

Making Adjustments

In this update, we added par levels visible on the food order guide, adjustment inventory, and the purchase order. You will be able to enter par levels by location. Additionally, we made changes to the shopping list improving it to help when ordering food items.

Par Level – Food Order Guide

There is a new plus sign icon in the food order guide called par level. Click on the icon to open a par level list. You can enter par levels for each location. Some locations will have higher par levels and this screen is perfect to make sure you got the right levels.


Par Level by Location

Par levels can also be entered by location. Go to setup office -> location and click on the par level plus sign. This will list all of the food items associated with this specific location allowing you to enter par levels for each food item.


Par Adjust Inventory Page

The par level for each item can also be entered on the adjust inventory page.


Par Purchase Order Details

The purchase order details page now checks the par levels and suggest how much to buy based on available inventory.

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