Recipe Costing Restaurant Management Software Reaches 137 Countries!

What's New In March?

As we continue to grow our customer base the communities ideas are growing exponentially. In February, we reached 137 countries and it gives me great pride that our software is universal. It is also important to note restaurants worldwide have the same costing and management issues. We are striving to become the only solution that provides exceptional software at affordable prices.

Purchase Order Changes

  • Add multiple invoices to one purchase order
  • Purchase orders can now be edited and deleted with permissions
  • Copy purchase orders frequently used

Receiving Purchase Orders

  • New Receive Date Field
  • New Receive Time Field
  • New Notes Field

Food Order Guide New Layout

The food order guide is reorganized to enhance the user experience. New features were added to set up default temperature value for food items.


Recipe and Sub-Recipe Details Page New Buttons

To make the recipe and sub-recipe details pages intuitive, we have added new buttons.


Temperature settings added to sub-recipe and recipe pages


Temperature Log

The temperature log is now available fields are not available in the food order guide, sub-recipes, and recipes. Enter the acceptable temperature range and assign it to employees to keep track of pass and failed temperatures digitally.

  • Ability to assign temperature range to Food Items, Recipe and Sub Recipes.
  • Schedule how often to check food temperature, test and visual.
  • Management can manage temperature checks.
  • Assign employees to check temperatures and log them in Recipe Costing.
  • Employee login now has a log to record temperatures

Kounta POS

Kounta Point of Sale released modifiers as a new feature. Modifiers can be used to modify a menu item or use it as an actual menu item. If you created modifiers, then your sales may not have synced correctly. We have not integrated modifiers and automatically synced to match the Kounta daily sales. We recommend using the modifier to modify a menu item and avoid using a modifier as an actual menu item. If it is a menu item, then it should be created under the menu item section for Kounta POS.


Phase one of our QuickBooks integration now allows our users to sync their vendor(purveyor/supplier) from Quickbooks to Recipe Costing. In this phase, users can send purchase orders received and convert them into invoices in QuickBooks. Recipe Costing will send the invoice details to QuickBooks.

Inventory Variance Report

A new inventory variance report is available to track historical changes.


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