Kounta Webhooks, XERO Accounting, and Improvements

Friday, December 1, 2017 - Recipe Costing Software Updates

Kounta POS Webhooks

What are webhooks? Keeping it simple, “Real Time Synchronization”. If you are using Kounta, you no longer have to manually sync. As items are sold, they are automatically created in Recipe Costing reducing inventory as items are sold.

Recipe Prep List

There are now two types of prep list to help maintain inventory.
The Recipe Prep List allows the user to create a prep list based on recipes that must be completed. As recipes are completed on the prep list, inventory is reduced and put back into inventory as the actual recipe. Example, pancake batter the items for pancake batter are reduced in inventory and replaced by the pancake batter.

Portion Prep List

The portion prep list allows the user to define new yields. For example, cantaloupe may have an average yield of 50% and when you do inventory it is possible that you have full cantaloupes as well as portioned cantaloupes. With the portion prep list, you can define how many of the whole cantaloupes were used with actual yields during prep time. During inventory stock take users will be able to differentiate the full cantaloupes from the one that was portioned.

XERO Integration

Xero is now fully integrated and users can send purchase orders from Recipe Costing to XERO eliminating double entry of purchase orders. Vendors and Suppliers in Xero will be moved over to Recipe Costing. Making it easier to send purchase orders from Recipe Costing Software.


We added a filter for the recipe summary report that will allow the user to select recipe or sub-recipes.
Any purchase orders sent to the supplier/vendor will automatically copy the main user of recipe costing. This allows restaurant operators to monitor staff when purchasing to review all outgoing purchase orders.


Weight changes are not updated when changing weight in the food order guide.
Supplier/Vendors Items removed will no longer affect history when deleted.

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