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This blog is perfect for both the inexperienced and experienced restaurant owner. My goal is to share my experiences and build on them from my reader’s experiences and to share those thoughts on my blog. We can all better ourselves by learning from other’s experiences and mistakes. Besides touching on the basics, we will venture into higher-end, more complicated actions including legal, partnerships, accounting, costing and marketing. As you read on, keep an open mind to the ideas presented, be ready to absorb anything and everything. There will be times, certain topics will sound or seem too complicated to understand at first; however, all of the pieces will eventually come together. Think of this journey as a guide and an expedition through business planning. As the pieces begin to connect, you will have a clear, and complete picture. If that sounds promising to you, then let’s get started on this blog!

Recipe Converter

Consistency Using A Recipe Converter If you’re in the food and hospitality industry, then you know scaling recipes is essential to managing and controlling your food costs. In a restaurant, consistency in this industry is vital to a restaurant operators success. That repeat customers must always feel like the food was perfectly done every time…


Prime Cost

Restaurant Prime Cost Components In any restaurant, prime cost is composed of food, beverage and labor costs. As a restaurant owner, you want to make sure to keep your prime cost below 65 percent. If you’re operating prime cost at 65%, then you are stating that 0.65 cents of each dollar goes towards food, beverage…