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How to print nutritional labels

Recipe Costing Software is connected to the USDA database. Under the food order guide section at the very bottom of the page is a search field. Enter the item name to begin searching. Select the food item that matches or comes closes to your search. If you cannot find an exact match, enter your own details for that food item when creating labels for recipes and menu items.


Building nutrition facts label for food products

There is no simple way it requires research and data entry. The best way to do it is using a laboratories specializing in food analysis. Recipe Costing Software allows restaurant operators to collect the data using the USDA database and manual entries directly from food containers. if you’re going to use our software, here is a guideline to help get organized.

Step 1 – Gather Nutrition Information

The USDA nutritional database is a good source of data especially when you’re going to do-it-yourself. We have access to over thousands of food items and some of them already contain a complete analysis of common ingredients. If DIY is not your style, consider using a lab to calculate accurate nutrition facts. Let’s face it, cooking is science and when you start adding heat or combining items it’s probably best to get a scientist involved. Once you get this data enter it directly into Recipe Costing Software to print labels when needed, update as your recipe and menu items change.

Step 2 – Follow FDA Rules

If you’re going to post nutrition information, make sure it is accurate to avoid getting in trouble with the FDA. As of now, you are only required to post allergens (Available in Recipe Costing Software) and a list of all ingredients.If you ever feel uncertain about your nutrition facts, consult an expert and set your mind at ease.

Step 3 – Design and Print

Use the recipe costing wizard to design and print labels. We have 3 types of designs to choose from when creating labels.


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