Recipe Costing Updates

You spoke to us, and we listened! We have three new features going live Friday, April 27, 2018. New reordering of sub-recipes, recipes, and menu items are now movable using drag and drop. We added an overhead expense percentage to allow increasing the costs on sub-recipes, recipes, and menu items. Finally, we made some layout changes to improve the user experience and reduce the learning curve.

Drag and drop to reorder food items

There are times food items need to be arranged in a different order. Dragging an item to another position will reorder the numbers in the left column.

Adding an overhead expense

You can now add an estimated overhead expense percentage of the total costs of a sub-recipe, recipe, or menu item. The overhead expense percentage is used to cover fixed costs or costs that are not considered as part of a recipe, but indirectly are part of the operating costs.

One more change

We moved the costing part of to the top with a grid style layout to improve the user experience. This has been done for the sub-recipe, recipe, and menu items page.

Need Assistance?

We have increased our support hours and partnered with some key consultants overseas to help onboard our customers. We will be sending out another email with schedule links to make it easier to sign up for training. Remember chat is available on our software and website. If you need immediate assistance, call us directly (305)363-4742 or email