Recipe Costing Update - Food Allergens

Top Food Allergens

New Allergens Module

We have added the allergens module to tie in with your sub recipes, recipes, and menu items. We made updates to the notes and updated the recipe card report.

Adding Allergens

Go to the food order guide and add or edit an item from the page. The food order guide detail page will now have a plus sign. Click on the plus sign to get a list of allergens and select the ones that are associated with the food item. Click on the save button and now this allergen will be seen on all sub recipes, recipes, and menu items.



Recipe Costing Food Item Notes

Any food items with notes will now show a blue icon. Notes are great for the recipe card report.


Recipe card report with notes

We’ve updated the recipe card report to show the notes next to each ingredient.



  1. Mr Robert,

    I am interested in your Food allegry software and I have a question about exporting my own date base. Does it possible to export items, foodstaff or recepies from another programme (eg. Fidelio MS Controls or Excel) to your software? I have already big data base which was created in those programmes and I want to have allergy detection from your software.

    I am looking foward for your reply.
    Best regards,

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