Recipe Costing and Epos Now

Epos Now and Recipe Costing


Recipe Costing Software is an easy to use restaurant management platform designed to optimize and streamline day to day restaurant operations. Recipe Costing Software is built to scale from a single unit operator to a multi-unit franchise operation. Fully integrated with Epos Now to deliver powerful prime costing reports real time.

Recipe Costing Features

  • • Recipe costing

  • • Inventory Management

  • • Product Transfers

  • • Nutritional Labels

  • • Sales Reports

  • • Menu costing

  • • Purchase Order System

  • • Daily Sales Transactions

  • • Waste Management

  • • Analytical Reports

  • • Food Allergens

  • • Product Receiving

  • • Expense Tracking

  • • Labor Tracking

  • • Trend Reports

Epos Now Added Features

  • • Cost of Goods Sold

  • • Prime Cost Report

  • • Real Time Inventory Usage

  • • Prime Cost with Variances

  • • Cash Management

  • • Prime Cost Trend Analysis

How does it work?

Integration is simple! Click on the Epos Now button, authenticate your account and let Recipe Costing Software complete the syncing process. Recipe Costing Software will automatically sync real time, tracking sales and reducing inventory as items are sold from Epos Now.


Menu Item / Plate Cost

The Epos Now logo will appear in the menu item page for all menu items synced with Epos Now. Edit each menu item, add products, recipes, and sub-recipe portions for each menu item or plate. Once the items are entered, save and Recipe Costing Software will calculate the costs, gross profit, food costs, and food costs percentage.

Recipe and Sub Recipe Costing

Need to go multiple levels on your costing? Cost out your recipes, sub-recipes, menu items, include labor, and materials to calculate an accurate price. Sub-recipes are called within recipes and menu items can pull from multiple recipes with sub-recipes. To go further in levels use our finished goods feature.


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